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"Disclaimer" (2008)

With this web page Mrs. Amelia Riis wishes to refute published statements made by Mr. Herman Berge and their misrepresentation of facts.

Over the past two years, a number of vicious attacks have been published on Internet against my family. I now feel it is necessary to strongly rebut false allegations made through the same public media where they have been voiced.

The person making such statements uses a "juridical" terminology that may sound legally viable and convincing. He refers to documents and so-called "proofs" to substantiate his claims; these are however not based on facts, and have no legal evidence.

Preposterous accusations and legally unsustainable claims have been formulated on a homemade "website", and in letters sent to official institutions in Norway and abroad. We feel our counterpart hopes in this way - through public defamation - to exercise pressure against me in order to obtain recognition he would otherwise not achieve.

My family and I regret that erroneous accusations have been published against persons directly or indirectly involved in this controversy. Judges, lawyers, government officials, and journalists have been "exposed" publicly and charged of all sort of misconduct for not having immediately agreed with his points of view and personal interpretation of law and facts.

Ludicrous allegations have been brought to the attention of courts in Norway and abroad. Anyone interested or involved in this litigation should therefore consult official judgments and legal rulings that have so far been rendered. These will give the correct picture of this whole proceeding, as well as this person´s real goals.

The author of these wicked and offensive allegations was my late husband´s "legal and financial advisor", Mr. Herman Berge.

In the late `90´s he introduced himself to our family like a young "idealistic" law student. With charming manners, appropriate communication skills, and some legal insight, he achieved a role of "legal advisor" and "trusted family friend". He wished to "help" my husband and myself in a longstanding battle against a daunting injustice we had suffered. Probably due to our age (my husband was 84 years old when he died in 2006, and I am 78 years old /2008), our isolation and our frustration resulting from trials dragging on for decades, he succeeded to get so close to us that we trusted him completely. We became more and more dependant on him, we defended him against any criticism, and we ended up believing any legal or economic advice he presented. He convinced us that any drawbacks and failures were never his "fault", but of others, if not the result of a "conspiracy".

Mr. Berge became almost like a "new member of the family", and achieved a role of unlimited trust. He won access to all our files, legal notes, medical reports, bank account information, and other family matters (including personal confidences). Such papers, at best ripped out of their context, or meant as "drafts" only, together with other irrelevant and false information, are now being quoted as "evidence" Transcripts of unauthorized voice recordings of the last few years of family conversations with him have also been presented as "proofs". Having secretly recorded all private conversations with our family, for several years, gives in itself an indication of a very personal interpretation of "loyalty" to one´s client and the role of a "trusted family friend and advisor".

Some websites have published Mr. Herman Berge´s version of an idealistic crusade against "unfairness", "corruption", and so on in the legal and political system. This may have been done out of good faith and without having the complete knowledge of the facts. Reviewing what this man has been capable of doing in the last few years, would radically overturn the image he wishes to portray of himself. It would clarify WHO is really "misusing" the legal system, and what his real objectives are. The hate and the unnecessary viciousness that have so far been expressed far outweigh any disagreement that might have arisen between us.

Taking into account the consideration and esteem that my husband and I have always shown this person, and our family´s behaviour towards him in the last 2 years - notwithstanding a highly incorrect and disloyal behavior from his side after my husband´ passing - I find his attacks unnecessary and painful. Mr. Berge has rejected all our efforts to find amicable solutions to our controversies. Hinting at "conspiracies" against him and trying to appear as a "martyr" is quite a ridiculous attempt at completely turning the situation upside down. Doing so "on behalf of late Mr. Einar Riis or Mr. Einar Riis´ estate" - which he does not represent - is simply grotesque.

When referring to legal "victories" supposedly achieved on my behalf, I must again correct these statements. The one positive verdict obtained in a Norwegian court several years ago was in no way connected to this person´s legal efforts, even though he got large praise for it in the press. At that time Mr. Berge was only a law student and would not have been allowed to conduct court proceedings on our behalf at all. With this, I do not intend to deny the high esteem my husband and I had of him at that time, as mentioned earlier. Our family has no knowledge of any other achievement abroad that can be defined as a legal "victory".

The collaboration of this "advisor" has been very expensive for our family. Our misplaced trust in him has been the reason for a whole series of wrong choices made over the years, and erroneous legal strategies. The over all cost of all this will be hard to calculate. Large sums of money have been paid to him in different forms, and millions of Norwegian Crowns have simply vanished in "profitable investments" he made on our behalf. These aspects are - and have been - handled by various courts.

A final picture of this person´s involvement with our family will only be possible after all pending trials are over. It has been very difficult and painful for me to realize to what extent this person has misused the trust my husband Einar and I gave him. Only now I realize that the real purpose behind his idealistic "crusade" against legal injustice and corruption is (and probably always has been) to appropriate for himself the same estate he claims to "protect".

Mr. Herman Berge has no right to continue to act on my family´s behalf and especially not on the behalf of late Mr. Einar Riis or his estate. We understand that he may present papers that at first glance appear to give him such credentials. Our family has strongly objected to Mr. Berge´s claims to act as the "executor of Mr.E. Riis´ estate", or be regarded as "creditor" or "heir" of some kind. These claims have been legally declared unusable and inadmissible in some instances, while they are still under judgment in others.

It is with difficulty that I have decided to produce this public disclaimer. I feel this step necessary though, as I understand Mr. Herman Berge has used the very same approach with other families in the past.

Through this website I therefore wish to clarify the following:

Amelia Riis
June 2008

© Amelia Riis.


"Herman Berge’s Defamation Campaign" (2013)

Five years have passed since the foregoing “Disclaimer” was first published in 2008, and seven since Herman Berge grabbed the opportunity of my husband’s death in May 2006 to start an extorsion attempt against me, in which public lies, an incredible defamation campaign and personal harassement have played a major role.

Notwithstanding my reluctancy to resort to internet to publicize information regarding this controversy which mainly belongs to the courtrooms, Herman Berge’s new fraudolent initiatives make this update necessary.

In addition to the ones reported in my previous 2008 “Disclaimer” I am now referring to Berge’s posting himself as a “representative” of a “Foundation” called after my late husband’s name Einar Riis, for the “defense of victims of the Norwegian legal system” (in Norwegian : “Einar Riis – Legat til Beste for Borgere utsatt for mishandling av norsk rettssvesen” or similar).

I must therefore denounce that:

• no such organization exists;
• Herman Berge has no authorization to misuse my husband Einar Riis’ name, and doing so is illegal;
• any request for money or any other type of support made under such name should be regarded as fraudolent and denounced.

Since 2008, most legal proceedings between Mr. H. Berge and my family have come to an end and final verdicts have been issued. These have not only rejected Herman Berge’s claims, but also found him guilty in “manipulating” me and my late husband while acting as our “trusted family friend and juridical advisor”. Herman Berge’s expectations of an easy seizure of my family’s assets have been reversed, and he has been condemned to pay back what he had “fraudolently” received.

Due to old age and several difficult pending legal cases, my husband and I had become very dependent upon Berge when Einar died. As I was suddenly left alone in despair, Herman Berge pretended an exaggerated, unjustified, and continously increasing amount of money. As his requests were mildly questioned, he filed an unbelieveably high economical claim against the estate in Monaco, where my husband and myself were resident.

To be more convincing, he threatened me to abandon all the legal cases which he was supposedly helping us with, and to damage me as much as possible if his requests were not immediately accepted. Berge kept his promise and purposedly abandoned all our ongoing cases, ignoring legal expiration dates, not returning documents, and causing us great economical damage. Herman Berge tried to be regarded as the “testamentary executor” of the estate, a “creditor”, and a “heir”; all at the same time. It soon became clear that he was not only after a large amount of money, but the full control of my family’s assets. I had no choice but to seek legal assistance.

After three years of ingenious “delaying tactis”, on October 8th, 2009 the Monaco Tribunal de Premiére Instance judged against Herman Berge, condemning him to pay legal expenses and damages. The sentence was declared definitive on January 6h, 2010.

As Berge’s claims were based on Norwegian documents, at an early stage of the proceedings it became necessary to establish their legal validity according to the Norwegian Law. Investigations revealed that substantial funds had been transferred to Berge. Herman Berge had clearly misused his position of unlimited trust he had achieved within our family in the worst possible way. At the same time other cases of old clients being “circumvented” by H. Berge were disclosed.

On April 23rd, 2007, the Oslo Byfogdembete Court sentenced Herman Berge had “manipulated” my husband and myself and issued an order to “freeze” his assets in Norway to guarantee back payment. The Court order was eluded by H.Berge fleeing the country during the spring 2007 and moving to Luxembourg. Here he was interviewed by the Norwegian TV2 State Television (May 2007-see the video’s in the Media section). The network ran three Evening News programs on Herman Berge’s activity. One of his “victims” had been an old Alzheimer-struck patient, whom Berge had acted a self-appointed “tutor” for, and whose money had also disappeared. Notwithstanding a clumsy dissuation attempt by Berge (which was denounced to the Police as “threats”), a member of this family accepted to be interviewed. Strong similarities with our own case were outlined. Berge’s reactions and behaviour made it clear we had fallen victims to a fraud.

On December 14th, 2007, Oslo (Tingrett) Court rejected all economical claims made by H. Berge. The Court reversed Berge’s expectations and condemned him to pay back what could be documented had been unlawfully taken from the family (probably a minor part of the total value). The verdict went through several appeals and became definitive.

Some of Berge’s claims were – due to jurisdiction - judged in the Asker & Baerum Court. Drafts were found among Einar’s papers that showed a clear intent on Berge’s side to be included possibly alone - in late Einar Riis’ testament. . In the last years of Einar’s life, Berge had tried hard to be considered as a “heir”. According to his own statements, he had even tried to be “adopted” and change his name to be included in what – at that time – my husband and myself hoped would be the outcome of a 40-year long liability suit we had against the Norwegian Government.

On September 25th, 2008 the Asker & Baerum Court rejected these drafts on which Berge had based his claims on. The Court further found Berge had made fraudolent investments on late Einar Riis’ behalf, where money was transferred to Berge’s accounts abroad and simply vanished. The Court condemned him to pay back the sum. Also this verdict is definitive.

While engaged with the legal cases in Norway and in Monaco, Herman Berge tried to seize a small property our family owned in Sweden, firstly by an economical claim to the Kronofogden, then by trying to force Swedish Courts to recognize him an “heir” and the “testamentary executor” of the estate. Värmlands Tingsrätt court on August 08, 2008, and the Appeal Court Svea Högsta Domstol on September 02nd, 2009 dismissed Berge’s nonsense.

Herman Berge disregarded all the judgements made against him, and did never pay the refunds, the damages, nor any of the legal expenses he had been condemned to.

Several creditors had in the meantime lined up. Among them, Berge’s own bank having a mortgage in his house in Luxembourg, and his own lawyer in Monaco, whom he evidently had not paid.

On March 29, 2012 the Huissier de Justice of Luxembourg proceeded with a forced sale of Herman Berge’s villa in 665 rue de Neudorff based on creditors’ claim for unpaid debts.

Herman Berge blamed a “cospirancy” against him, and intensified his harassement against me and my family. On May 3rd 2012, a criminal complaint was filed in Luxembourg Tribunal d’Arrondissement against Herman Berge for personal persecution, “obsessive” harassement, defamation. Apparently Berge had just left the country, this time moving to the island Tonga in the Pacific, thus trying to elude or postpone prosecution again.

In addition to these main sentences against Berge, at least a dozen other legal proceedings have been conducted during these years, either directly connected to the above or as separate initiatives.

Herman Berge’s attacks against me and my family in these years, their persecutionary intent, the degree and grotesque content of his defamation campaign, are beyond description - in meanness and viciousness. The lies he has been able to produce are so absurd, so far from the truth, so numerous, and so unrelated to the controversy between us, that I do not see much sense in treating them here. I have in the foregoing notes purposedly tried to stick to the legal judgements and the factual results of this case only.

Herman Berge does not seem to clearly understand the legal and criminal implications of the judgements against him, and the liability dimensions involved. Blaming his failures on everybody else and on confused conspiratory theories, ignoring all verdicts condemning him, and continuing his attacks against my family cannot but prompt us to further legal actions to protect our family’s privacy and reputation, to further disclosures of his endeavours, and to further warnings against his fraudolent initiatives.

Amelia Riis
April 2013

© Amelia Riis.